What is the Top End Gran Fondo?

The Gran Fondo is a hugely popular and celebrated tradition in the Italian cycling world. Gran Fondo, meaning “big endurance”, is a long-distance, timed cycling event that welcomes competitive, amateur and recreational cyclists of all abilities.

The primary focus of a Grand Fondo is participation.  Some cyclists ride for the satisfaction and pride in making it to the finish.  Others want to improve on their previous times and to challenge themselves.  And while it is not a race, some ride to be first.

Gran Fondos have only recently become part of the Australian cycling scene with the first two events being held in 2011 – the Amy Gillet Gran Fondo in Victoria and the Opperman Gran Fondo in Tasmania.

The 2012 Top End Gran Fondo was the third ever to be held in Australia. 

In 2013, with Gran Fondos throughout Australia held in Wollongong, the Great Ocean Road, the Gold Coast and Launceston, the Top End event has become an annual event in the Australian cycling calendar, showcasing the unique NT landscape.

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