Bike Shops

The 2017 Sunbuild Top End Gran Fondo has partnered with Darwin and Palmerston’s best cycling stores to offer participants a free safety check before the big ride Sunday 20 August. Staff from each store will provide expert advice on the safety and working condition of your bike to get you around the course in Darwin’s biggest group ride.


Note: the Gran Fondo safety check is a visual check of bicycles, any servicing may incur a cost for parts and labour.


Bikes to Fit

273 Bagot Rd, Coconut Grove NT 0810

(08) 8948 1128


Blue Cycles

Coconut Grove - 2/12 Totem Rd, Coconut Grove NT 0810

(08) 8985 3921


Palmerston - 1/1 Calvin St, Yarrawonga
(08) 8932 3974


Cycle Zone

6/41 Cavenagh St, Darwin City NT 0800

(08) 8981 4436


K9 Cycles & Repairs

Cnr Totem Rd & De Latour St
Coconut Grove, NT 0810

(08) 8985 6665

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